Having issues accessing the LIVE – vCAST?

Here you will see steps as to HOW to get to the vCAST and Sandbox Chat Area if you cant seem to find it once you are logged into the website.


STEP 1 – REGISTER / Subscribe if you have not already done so. [ HERE ]

IF YOU ARE REGISTERED and [ Logged in ] Proceed to the vCAST LIVE.



STEP 3 – Goto the vCAST LIVE PAGE [ HERE ]

Troubles logging in? – Please MAKE SURE Your Username and Password that you are entering are both valid. If they are both valid and you have tried to access the vCAST multiple of x3 times without success? You are on a cool down for 20 MIN’s.

The system protects your account from brute force logins in case someone is trying to access your account.

WAIT 20 Min’s and – Try Logging into the system again.

If you are STILL unable to access your account? Please EMAIL us [ HERE ] and we will try and assist you further.