Any vCAST – LIVE Content beyond this point is now restricted to subscription plans.

See the Support Tiers  [ HERE AND CONTINUE ]


  1.  Our Broadcast’s are being BANNED or Censored Everywhere on the WEB so we had to take measures to HIDE That Content so that any of our social media accounts would still be in good standing so to even ALERT or give YOU a notification of the BROADCAST!
  2. After having to take the STEPS to protect the content? That meant I had to take on more of an expense to just broadcast the show. I ALONE CAN NOT Cover those expenses. I just Can NOT.
  3. Again going in house with everything and not a single platform we stream to helping to support the broadcast, PLUS Now getting our funding Pulled from the AUDIO Only side of the broadcast?  Our Funding / Support level has reached a scary level of? Will we be able to pay for the months expenses to even hit the play button!

That is the MAIN Reason’s as to WHY we have had to take this step in Production of the show. It’s not that I wanted to do this? – I HAD NO CHOICE.

In order to keep things going and keep the broadcast running at this level? I’ve HAD TO Take this step in order to simply make things work.

PLEASE Know that ( ANY ) and ALL Level’s of Support?
WILL Allow you to participate and watch the vCAST LIVE!

Thank you for your understanding my friends and most of all?

THANK YOU For helping US Continue to wake up Humanity and RATTLE CAGES With The Matrix Minds Broadcast!