Once again we would like to welcome our good friend Tara Star to the Matrix Minds,…

Tara has become a good friend within the star seed community and stands as a backbone for those needing support within their own internal journey. We are going to touch on and discuss the many consciousness changes that an Awakening being is going to go through and the challenges ahead.

Tara is all too familiar with helping those overcome these challenges and face their own enlightenment. It is not an easy task and sometimes more than others it requires a tribe that has got your back. Once again she has been there. And she fully understands that the Awakening process is not easy. Being raised with a Christian background to slowly integrate into what you now know yourself to be? A Draconian. You’re going to hear firsthand how you suddenly realize you are not who you thought you were. Join us as we pick the brain of Tara Star once again.

She has a heart of gold and is both beautiful on the outside as much as she is on the inside. The awakened draconian female, here to teach as many as she can with what time we have left. It is her journey and you are welcome to be part of it.

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Discussions with the Draconian – JANUS
Take a seat and prepare to be schooled.
Awakened within this lifetime is the knowledge of a god within a man’s body. An incarnated soul who wishes to teach Humanity who they are and what they are before it’s too late.