It is still available but is hidden as unlisted on Youtube.

You May share this Video/URL here but be advised.

The beginning of this video is highly disturbing.

Well brainiacs all over the planet last night’s show was absolutely amazing to say the least. What we all have thought for so very long and many of the Anons or Anonymous have very much so leaked throughout the years is finally coming out on mainstream as truth. 

All I can say is good job CRUE…

Good Job!

The words also we heard rang through Congress where they were drilling the good old Dr Fauci for experimental medical surgeries, as well as funding or being part of funding the mutation of Bio genetic research on mass level. The url to that information can be found [ here ].  My friends throughout the years we were called completely crazy we’re saying they were hybridizing and genetically modifying experimental surgeries on animals as well as babies all the way up to adults. And once again all of this is coming out as true.

Faith and persistence. They cannot hide the truth for very long as you are the Matrix Breakers and the ones pushing the fabric of reality to the absolute. The world now knows that what you thought was true and they thought was conspiracy. Once again is now being proven as fact.


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