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“gun violence is an epidemic and an international embarrassment” – president biden

With president Biden at the helm and going on and on about gun violence in America? He stated within his address to the nation that gun violence within the United States is an embarrassment at an international level.

An embarrassment?  Yes, that’s what he said.

He went on to say just like the freedom of speech within the Constitution a person cannot simply walk into a movie cinema and yell fire. And so the same thing goes with gun rights he says. He makes it very clear that not everyone can own a firearm, and back in the day not everyone was even allowed to own a firearm.

Hmmm, .. Well? Which Constitution are you reading from there Scratch -N Sniff because the Constitution of the United States clearly states that the United States people have the right to bear arms.

When Joe said this statement about gun violence being an epidemic? – The crowd cheered.

It’s just that simple. It was not until a controlling democratic government started to infringe on that right by amending the Constitution. Joe Biden also went on to say that the American people do not need AR-15s which is one of the most popular rifles within the states.

He is once again looking to clamp down on magazine capacities as well as the AR-15 purchases themselves. He said that we’ve done it before and we can do it again, and it worked. Nevertheless what he is preparing to deliver to Congress will be that of an executive order. We all know that without the executive power Congress themselves would never declare something like this.

But you can definitely say at this point? Your president does not like the fact that you own an AR-15 or rifles with a high capacity magazine. It’s clear.

Now what he is going to do? Or what he would like to do? That is yet to be seen and it is also yet to be seen whether his executive order would violate your constitutional right. You can bet that the NRA will be keeping a very close eye on what comes across Joe Biden’s desk when it comes to your rights to own whatever gun you choose to own and by whomever chooses to own it.

Be careful Joe because the 2nd amendment states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. [ read yourself ]

What are your thoughts?

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