Welcome to the Matrix


This page is an Archive of older AUDIO Podcasts prior to 2022 by Matthew Turner of The Matrix Minds. The Host of the small archive is provided by Anchor.FM. The Matrix Minds STOPPED production or Show Distribution through Anchor due to their new GOOBERMENT Regulations. The way Matthew see’s it is – What MORE do you want from me as a host. They where asking for identification validation from the Show host and? Well, If you know Matthew? Yea – He told them to #@%# OFF and pound Salt!

Since that time The Show has taken to going in-house for vCAST and AUDIO Distribution. This is why now the broadcast subscriptions. Not only does the $1.99 subscriptions help to pay for broadcasting costs? But it pays for that internal move! – Digital Storage fees, Website Fees, External Distribution costs.

But, nevertheless the show has an amazing listener audience and many have followed the show for years! WE WILL BE ALRIGHT, Going into the FUTURE!


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