When our children speak out about satanic sex rituals no one really wants to pay attention. Well? It’s now time to pay attention..

Not only has this been going on for way too long? But it has been going on I’m very quite possibly in our own neighborhoods and our own communities. The following embedded video is not only shocking but it is very truth telling straight from our babes mouths. ( Our Children ) I say our children because indeed our children are our future.

They are who holds the key to humanity from this day forward. Exposing the brutal mind twisting brutality that some of our babies are exposed to will literally break your heart. For those that think that these children just make up stories like this?

I want you to ask yourself how can they get so graphic with such tiny little Minds if not exposed to it.

Once again, I asked you to open your mind to a whole other dimension that you may not have been aware that even exists. Not only does it exist? It thrives across this planet in unseen and hidden places.

May the innocence and vulnerability of these babies be heard.

There is other Video’s that we thought we would bring to your attention.

Again – VIEWER Digression – Trigger Warning


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