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this research must be stopped

As the Gain of Function Research and scientific; what they call education biology leaks come out? Now mainstream media has absolutely no idea how to handle this, but now they must thanks to you. – Pat yourself on the back!

Fox and the mainstream media had absolutely no choice other than to pick up this story as gain a functional research starts sweeping the interweb with the momentum of a freight train. What they also are failing to tell you are those companies that are involved.

Last year if you don’t remember there was an public briefing put out by Secretary Mike Pompeo and the state’s department team of the United States and they made it very clear. Very very clear that any company tied to the CCP, caught funding the CCP, caught meddling with the CCP? YOU will be in a world of hurt and you will also be held accountable and dealt with. Mike Pompeo also went on to say, make no mistakes we are watching and we will catch you.

Once again as these gain of function research leaks comes out and good old Dr Fauci and his colleagues get tied to not only criminal activity on a treasonous level when it comes to dealing with China but also they will be tied to some of the most barbaric and brutal medical research on this planet. Indeed, we will link you to the interview and questioning by Fox. [ FOX NEWS RELEASE ]

Please take note that you can hear within the news anchors voice not only can she not believe she is having to report on this? But this is such a very hot topic? Now she in the mainstream is a main mouthpiece behind exposing some of the United States most beloved people.

All we can say here?

Be very careful who we trust.

Be very careful who we love and give credit to.


Be aware FACT Checkers, remember who feeds you.

And not only are you putting your blind Faith in someone in which has a self personality split but deep within them may lie a monster. It’s not that we told you so? It’s just that we told you to do your own self due diligence and do your own research.

And you did!

We brought you this story on Weds as we covered all aspect of this research and medical development. That video can be found here.

If it was not for The Matrix Minds and those who question everything? This story would be nothing more than conspiracy. And let me tell you what right now it is more than just conspiracy. It is now fact. Question Everything – Even Reality Humanity Relies on it!

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