First lets get the emails out of the way

We released on facebook/social media the very first email in reference to the [ Ancient Ones ] not but 1 day ago and promised to validate the submitting source. I did just that. – Matthew

I not only email the source? But, I contacted them and told them to actually call me.  Validate that you are real. And the source of the following information? Was validated and the person if real. The source has connections. Thats all I will say here about that and however you take it is up to you. As always decern anything and all things at your own research. But what I can say about this source is they seemed true to their selves and again their source? Is straight out of Wright Patterson AFB located in Dayton,OH.

So, The first email release I showed/disclosed to the world was the image – SS below.

The follow up which is just more than a follow up. Remember I CALLED VOICE This source so to validate what I am putting out there.  And the follow up EMAIL that led me to 100% want validation is here.

Now, I understand the reason behind all of this. The GIANT OF KANDAHAR? – Was known by our own Department of Defense as [ The Ancient Ones] This is the GIANT that we spoke about some time ago on a recent show. And Its not ironic that now this source shows up to step forward and share with me to share with you? Whats actually going on. And whats going on is this.

ITS TIME. Our Cycle is over and there are those within top  brass that know its time. They are dealing with a lot. GIANTS – ( the fallen ones ) – The WATCHERS or what is known throughout the sacred texts as The Nephilim. These beings ( if ) beings are coming up from out of the ground and are awakening from what is known as hybridized stasis or [sleep].

The only rounds that the Military was able to kill this being with was a 100% pure copper military grade round. That ammunition round that put this thing down was the 308 7.62/51 NATO Military Round.

The other round that was used to shoot this being was the 223 non copper 5.56 ball 888 Military Round which had very little success.

So, now we know why the mad rush and hush for the military to gain pure copper ammunition. On top of that? These beings are blue-blood and copper will cause the blood of these beings toxicity within the bloodflow, causing internal damage and toxic levels within the beings system.

I understand you all waited a while for the release of this article/update? But, I also needed to figure out how in the hell I was going to release this information on social media without being taken down, banned, or flagged. Im not sure how well this will fly within the public’s eye? But, many of you know me and well? IDGAF.

I’m telling YOU what I was told regarding these emails. And YES it all goes back to the Giant of Kandahar story. We are about to see the ground split and these what ever they are? REPTILIAN – DEMONS – GIANTS or what ever? Be on top ground. Now, you know what I know. If anything more I am told to share, indeed you know me and I will share it.

All the best,



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