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As more compelling evidence stacks up against Dr Fouchi supporting the scientific experimentation regarding the Wuhan China laboratory and the origins of the VIRII? Good old senator Rand Paul continues to deliver blow after blow.

And now he’s demanding doctor thought she’d be fired and removed from his position within the United States medical advisory board. Our thoughts? There is not a doubt in my mind after there was evidence and I do mean compelling evidence of the doctor funding fetal research and bio advanced research within the University of Pittsburgh?

This man has to go. Shout out to you senator Paul and thank you for having the compassion for Humanity to remove such a while corruption from within the stronghold. 

Absolutely let’s see this man fired!

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Jade Bannon
    Jade Bannon says:

    Fauci is a fraud only cares about money he hates us Americans and our country torture him like he has the whole world literally

  2. Maggie ( Skies Burnin)
    Maggie ( Skies Burnin) says:

    Fouci ( the Lol Nazi Leprechaun) should be in GITMO With the rest of the Liberal players. This was an assault on the citizens of the world. The people were looking at that criminal the entire time for guidance and were repeatedly raped of their liberties. Human rights violated. Fouci needs to be held accountable for each and ever death. He can stand on the gallows along with the CCP and the DNC. The elites have stolen and murdered our children. They’ve destroyed an entire generation with their agenda. Millenials will NEVER be strong enough to survive what life in general has to dish out. So very sad.


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