I encourage any and all Fact checkers to be all over this. I would love to expect it but I’m not holding my breath.

The University of Pittsburgh Still remains in the limelight and is being accused of some of the most horrendous experiments as well as organ harvesting on this planet.

What have we come to as beings? Where is the compassion and where is the Consciousness that it takes to evolve as a Humanity? Is it going? No, I don’t believe nor can I believe that it is gone. Corporations profiting off of nightmarish acts like organ harvesting, live fetal experimentation and other horrendous Acts must be stopped. For profit or even not for profit it does not matter!

Not only is this degrading of what we are as a species and of a human kind? But this is absolutely a barbaric and very unnecessary means of medical research. We are not accusing anyone directly or even indirectly.

There are good people on this planet that have came forward as whistleblowers as well as went steps further to record conversations during events to further concrete the ever-growing evidence.

Again this must stop!

Continued Research:

TheDailySignal.com has a run down on fetal parts costs you can see here.

TownHall.com also has pages of interest to many FACTS and related Articles.

Our related article which points to MSM’s reports on this matter can be found within the site here below.

The Matrix Minds – The SICK Side to Gain of Function Research

The Matrix Minds Discussion on this Nightmare

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