So as press secretary Psaki is doing her press briefing on April 16th 2021 she pauses for a second and says

” WOW,. There’s a plane right overhead.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong but is not Washington DC especially where she holds her briefing absolute no fly zone?

Yes yes it is a no-fly zone. So what does this say as to where we are holding our press briefings?

And what does this say about whatever idiot flew a plane over the White House? – LETS JUST GO WITH IT WAS A US MILITARY JET to save a debate or argument.

Nevertheless hearing a plane go overhead during a press briefing should make everyone wonder because YES, That is a bit odd.

I mean we can’t be alone and questioning this right?


What are your thoughts?

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  1. C W Thompson
    C W Thompson says:

    Reagan International Airport is right there, and the Pentagon, which is located in Arlington VA, has a White House press conference room off to the left across from the Badge Office.


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