Is this our FUTURE?

Well many of you have heard by now the word


Very few of you though however truly know what it is and how it can be used as a biological weapon within the body. Within this little clip 15 mins of the stew Peters Show? Thank you for being a Matrix Breaker Stew!

You’re going to learn all about just what it is and how it works as well as learning that it is a complete Time Bomb waiting to happen within the beloved vaccinations. Dr. Jane Ruby breaks it down and goes into detail with Stew. Indeed this is mass genocide waiting to happen. So like you’ve always heard me say about forced or mandated vaccinations?

The day they come knocking on our door forcing us to take their death Jab? That will be the day that I go with God! Take your Vaxx, take your agenda, and stick it in your own corrupt evil asses.


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  1. Judy Mrion
    Judy Mrion says:

    Wow! Them are strong words! I will never take the jab! Our Adversary always wants us to hurry up & make a mistake. But God… steps in and helps us to make the better choices; God’s choices. HalleluYAHWEH💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻☺️🕊🌹💓💓💓🛐🙇🏼‍♀️🕎


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