Not so compassionate Nature
Something that a lot of people do not even think about when they look at how amazing nature is and how it looks. Indeed nature is absolutely beautiful to the eye. From the Bering straits to the mountains of the Rockies, from the waterfalls of the Philippines to the sands of the Sahara.
But once again we as human beings fail to see the underlying condition and that in which is held beyond the eye.
Mother nature is cruel. Very very cruel. No I’m not sure why or I’m not sure as to the reasoning. But indeed in the moment of silence I want you to think about the animals and what we call nature that and which is in the wild of mother nature.
I say all of this because I am a person who thinks that there is no box. In fact you don’t put me in a box nor do you put my mind within the being of a human and call me free.
Generally speaking is not even the word for it. Absolute within this 3D wherever we are and whatever this place is?
The consciousness of man has been locked into a avatar within a world that has absolute chaos within it.
It does not matter says science which in states there is no matter as such. Yet the human being is always striving and questioning something higher than that in which its own self has locked deep within it. Again we are always looking for something tangible, credible, malleable, pliable and something in which we can with absolute no doubt feel is the essence of something bigger than we are.
Again we must look at nature. It is both chaos and calm within the entire construct of what we refer to as itself and label as nature. Might I have to ask my own self within trying to define its personality traits within said nature? Where is the love and the compassion? It its own self has none through The eyes in which I see.
It is up to us when coming in contact with nature do we act on that in which we call compassion when we stumble upon something that is less fortunate within such a cruel yet very beautiful environment.
Again I must tell you that if you look closely nature its own self does not have to show validity or compassion to you, myself or anything else within it.
It just simply is what it is.
It is a beautiful chaos in which you your own conscious self when given the ability to love it and nurture it? Should take that opportunity in any way possible.
Feeding the birds, feeding the little creatures no matter what they are. In the summertime give them a cool drink of water.
Again I tell you that nature is brutal and I tell you that it does not care. It simply is within an existence of its own self. And that existence is meant to spring life out of chaos.
Yet I tell you without you it simply would be chaos.