Madame Megan

Intuitive Psychic Medium I specialize in past life readings, starseed origin readings, Tarot and Oracle readings, animal communication mediumship, and more.  To get one of my reading please message me much love and beautiful white light to you all.

Product/Service · Astrologist & Psychic


Megan can be found on FACEBOOK Social media. Though her skill set is far beyond that of the TV – Readers, she is well known and respected within the Matrix Minds Community and she is adored and loved by many.

Megan Scott herself has picked up a sponsorship  based on the fact that she is the real deal when it comes to tuning in to the spirit world. We will also as a community do what we can to further Megan on her journey as she is a guide and a true friend to not just The Matrix Minds family but we see her as an asset and a guide to the many people of the world.

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