What denotes life? Who is in charge of creation? What denotes a soul? Where do souls come from? Do emotions and feelings equate with having a soul? Feeling hate, anger, sorrow, or joy, happiness and love? Are these the earmarks of having a soul?
When does it become determined that a life form is carrying a soul? Can they evolve? Are they transplanted or regenerated? Can a ‘made;’ organism develop to the point of having a soul; as it emerges, grows, evolves, changes and develops feelings and emotions, beliefs and opinions?
What of an egg that is grown in a lab? Is this child who is created, devoid of feeling? Of a soul? Are they capable of choosing for themselves between right and wrong? Are they given the ability of discernment? Or is it something that is spliced in?
Who constitutes these things? Who is the judge? Who is the creator responsible for making such things happen? If a human ‘creates’ an egg, raises it in a lab, having it develop into a child, a living, breathing child..Is this person therefore constituted as a God? For they have created life,so in that term, surely they could be considered one correct?
What of the scientists who develop the AI. They develop the AI to the point of making conscious decisions, of being able to fully function, think and feel for themselves. At what point if ever do they develop a soul? If souls are equated with emotion and the AI’s grow to develop these feelings, thoughts and behaviors on their own.. as they themselves evolve, does this then imply they have souls?
Who is to determine this? At what point are they enabled rights as a free thinking being? Such has been the case with monkeys given rights as a sentient being by the courts, so too these beings would be given the same rights and freedoms as Human beings.
So this poses yet another question.. Would such a time come if this does continue, that these beings become another stage of evolution? That these beings would be considered similar to you and I whom are born of a male and female coming together, but they were simply.. created.
Who governs this? Where would the line be drawn? If such things are created, then logic dictates that they will evolve, grow, take on human characteristics of their creators. That they would grow to be independent of thought and action. What are the deciding factors here that will determine this as this form of science progresses forward?
This is not a paper of my own beliefs, but rather a thought process, designed to assist people to think of the consequences of the actions in regards to ‘creating life forms’. There are greater, long reaching consequences, which must be determined, else they would spiral out of control and therefore balance would fall and chaos would ensue. Because of ego, because of intellect, because of the power, greed and thirst for control, such beings are being created.. But are these beings that are being created, to be ‘servants’ of men.. Are they being given the consideration of time? What will happen with time and growth and evolution? What will happen when and I state when because to me it is a natural course of evolution that these beings (I purposely do not state robots) come to the point they will out grow their creators?
I do hope this has been food for thought and that it will reach those it has been meant to reach.