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: Lemurian Starbrary Uni-Sex Pendants :

Natural Himalayan Skeletal Quartz Elestial Angel crystal wand healing.


To be cleared and cleansed in the sunlight.

Can be Charged by the moon cycles.

DO NOT SLEEP WITH THE PENDANT! The Cages are not that durable!  If the cage does come unwrapped? Please take it how it is and that the being/Crystal does not wish to be caged.


Lemurian quartz crystal have a truly powerful energy. They have an excellent vibration for aiding spiritual development work.

This is a type of crystal that is reputed to help you to retrieve information about the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

This is especially true for those stones that come from the Himalayan Mountains. Crystals from this area embody a truly spiritual vibration.

Thank You for looking at these amazing little Crystal’s. I personally caged them! I put nothing but my love and creative thought into them. I hope they bring you as much joy in your life? As the joy I spent making them into a pendant for you to wear. Again, Some crystals DO NOT – I repeat DO NOT like to be caged and will Indeed break free for you to enjoy either in your pocket, purse or just by you somewhere and some how.

But again, NOT IN THE CAGE. lol … Its a Crystal thing!

NO TWO Crystal’s are alike and I assure you that they choose YOU and though you may ( think ) you are choosing it? No,… Its the other way around. They choose you!

My Love and Appreciation to you and may you be found by the crystal that is calling you.

w/Love – Matthew