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The Blood Kabbalah – CLASS II


The Blood Kabbalah,

Within this JANUS’ Class he will be covering mastery of every energy and invocation / evocation / spellcasting / etc.

It will be what Janus did not get to cover at length in the first course. Janus also suggests you also take heed, because he will be teaching the advanced techniques of the Draco and the secrets behind their abilities / powers.

This will entail teachings about, utilizing and mastering the use of elemental / light / dark energy. – KNOW THY ENEMY!

Thank YOU all that enlisted to the class withing the MATRIX.
Anyone who attended the class/classes? Please know that James split the cost of the classes to the Matrix Minds so to help support and FUND the show and released content. This helps cover show expenses and supports the time involved in bringing you the content that the Cabal-Deepstate can not stand for you to receive.

WE Will continue to educate and provide you with that information!
KNOW THY ENEMY – And Become those POWERFUL Beings that you where designed to be.

Class release

November 27th 2021