For what is true happiness? Happiness comes from within. Peace comes from within. Joy comes from within. Love comes from within. Does it not stand to reason that pain comes from within, suffering comes from within, torment and anger comes from within? These are life lessons that must be learned by every individual. There are no exceptions.

When these trials come, it is up to each and every person to determine for themselves, the course of action they should take. For each step accomplished, another set of tasks revealed.
But what of the outcomes? Do people understand that any negative can be made positive and that  any positive can be made negative? This is the result of what individual choices must lead too. As well as actions of others can directly affect each choice that is made.

To understand this is to understand that no path is written in stone.  This is why free will can become so complicated. Not only the individual, but every living being, plant, animal and creature has free will. What happens when the choice is taken away?

 This leads to chaos and fear  and anxiety. This leads to a prison state of being.

A tree has the free will of living. Providing shade, a trunk to rest against, the ability to assist in providing oxygen the breathe. If one tree is chopped, it might not seem such a big consequence. But if a forest full of trees are chopped, then it leads to chaos. For the environment is badly changed. It affects many, not just the one.

The destruction of this world, of the natural order of things, has made it more increasingly aware that time is limited. Understanding this leads to more choices to be made. Are things beyond repair or can they be repaired?

The  earth is changing, dying, getting ready to be reborn. She cries out for assistance. But who hears her cry?

Those who can, do as they can. But it is far too little, too late.

It is now time to find your place. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? What are your beliefs? What is your intent? Do you follow or do you lead?
The choice is yours and yours alone, but the choice made of many can and does hold a major effect.

In not knowing turn of events, one can only turn inward once more. One can only presume to follow their heart, to follow where it leads.       
With the chaos that shall arise, one will be at peace knowing they have followed their path and made their choices.
Who shall you follow? Which path shall you take? What are your intentions?

There is little time left to find the answers to these questions, but you can only find them within your heart.


Dealing with the emotions that are running high, we, must first begin to realize that things are not always as they seem. Before we jump to conclusions, we must first look at the facts. People are fueled by emotions, which get in the way of logical thinking. Within the process of logical thinking, comes a clearer perspective, which allows us to see beyond the point that is trying to be created.

We feel, therefore we are. We see therefore we will be. We know, therefore we are able. We act, therefore we have consequences. We mind, therefore we have illusion.
These are the things which separate, which divide, which steal the preciousness from human creation, of Divine creation, of the temperance of the will that has come from before to the will that has come to the now.

For the pattern seems to stand still, until such a time that comes for us to re-create, to reinvent, to pull apart and re invest into what matters most.
The spiritual consciousness of the beings which are encased in Human form. When we begin to see past the existence of the now, turning from left to right, looking ahead as we leave behind that which we have discarded from our existence.

Knowing that in this state, we become heavy and burdened. Knowing that within us, we must take head and know that there is a lighter, more fluid version of ourselves. One which travels unheeded. One which sees with infinite eyes. One which feels with an unknowing of current state of affairs, but with an unconditional out pouring of love and radiation of light which cannot be hidden or stifled, once it has been untapped.

To understand this, think of a candle that has been snuffed. Think of the sadness, in which that light has been ceased to exist. Think of the emptiness of the  lack of emotion which was once carried with that light. But when the light has once again been restored, by lighting that candle, our presence so too has been once more ignited. We can feel the joy, while still carrying the burden. We can see beyond the flame, into the darkness. we can hold within the peace and serenity, that represents the flame of that candle. So to that when the candle flame finally dies, it never really is extinguished. It simply ceases to exist.

So to is the way with the human form. For a life time is like the candle which burns. Some times the flame is bright and illuminating and others, the light is dim and barely visible.
But with this also comes the fact, that even though the light might be dimmed, yet there is still a glow, which cannot be hid.

We think of times of trial, of depression, of holding onto pain and hurt as a crutch that will enable us to have excuses for behavior. Know this is not the case. Know that instead, even as we look to claim this, we shall see that it is not so. That we are still accountable for those choices, even if have chosen to ignore it as so. There shall be the cases of ‘forgetfulness’, which many seem to embody, while it chooses to cause them grief, they ignore it still. For the greatest cure is that of confronting, acknowledgment, clearing, releasing. Knowing that as this is accomplished, these dense 3rd dimensional bodies shall become lighter, less intense, with the knowing that we still retain the lessons from these experiences, without carrying along with it the burden of which they imply. Know this and understand, that these are stepping stones to your future. That you must first understand and learn and know these instances, revealing the lessons within and are able to apply them to your life.

They are not meant as punishments, but yet are seen as tools. Knowing this shall be able to allow you the closure  needed in order to carry forth in your learning and progression.