[Friday] – The Girl Who Walks Between Worlds




The Goddess,

And the title is earned and this young lady has not only claimed it once again within this lifetime but many, many others both here on Earth and Physicality? But,  within the Heavens.


The only way I can describe our guest? Is exactly how I described her in the title. The girl who walks between worlds. Preferring and asking to remain anonymous based upon the information she is going to release indeed I will respect that. She refers to herself as a Goddess and I myself believe that she is an incarnation that of Ishtar or Inanna.

She brings to the table this Friday night a whole new spin on the way you may look at reality. She will discuss with us the lifting of the veil and what exactly that is when it comes to the lifting. You see she remembers. Not only does she remember but her body is very frail within this reality at the moment that she literally fights for her life as she keeps her body from shutting down from either week to week or even month to month.

She has spent quite some time on the other side and can remember it quite clearly. Once again she is joining with us to share her experiences as she breaks down even more of this illusion that is presented within our physicality before our eyes. The Matrix Minds is proud to sit down with and discuss the illusion of this world by one we believe can help better explain it.


There is no contact information givin to share on this guest.

The event is finished.



10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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