Penny L.A. Shepard – MKULTRA – Super Soldier speaks out.

Her name is Penny L.A. Shepard.  She is an MKULTRA, super soldier who was genetically modified and experimented on in utero. She was born August 11, 1958, into the MKULTRA Program.  She was housed at Langley, Area51 and Montauk. 
She emerged in graduation from Project Genesis in 1976. 
MKULTRA is a covert CIA program; its objectives are so secret as to garner the ULTRA Secret Clearance, above Top Secret.  Even the highest offices in the land are not completely apprised of all of the octopus tentacles that are umbrellaed under the MKULTRA Project.  We, as citizens, and as MKULTRA’s will never be told the extent of the projects, so covert and black that they will never see the light of day.
Some of these projects are:
  • Creation of mind-controlled genetically enhanced super soldiers;
  • Creation of  mind controlled assassins and sex slaves;
  • Barter and exchange of humans as slave labor;
  • Barter and exchange of humans for genetic experimentation;
  • Barter and exchange of humans as a food source for Extra Terrestrials;
  • Creation of Time Travel technology such as Looking Glass and Star Gates
  • Creation of Secret Space Program to hide ET presence and other planets and to explore further planets to which the human race may colonize;
  • Creation of Treatises for Technology Exchange with other Species
  • Genetic creation of human hybrids and clones
  • Genetic propagation of Species on other planets and planet earth
  • Housing of ET Species on planet earth
  • Establishment of Treatises with ET’s regarding non-disclosure of their presence on Planet Earth
Since the beginning of time those in power have hidden the existence of the ETs here on our  planet.  These ETs live deep beneath our earth in fully established cities.  We built DUMBs, Deep underground military bases to serve these ET’s.  The ET’s also live deep beneath our oceans in cities.  We built Deep Underwater Military Bases to serve them.
You can research and find out alot more about Miss Penny on her BLOG In which she speaks openly and publicly about her participation in MK Ultra and Top CIA Programs.

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