[Mon] Abductee – Angela Statz

Angela is a life long multi generational experiencer since age 3 when she had a light being interaction. At age 8 she was introduced to the small and tall grays in person while wide awake in the here and now. Angelic visits, light anomalies and orb contact continues.

At 15 she met with Anu and was taken to the New Earth. In her early to mid twenties, she experienced missing time, underground bases, hybrid program, soldier healing missions and was healed herself. In her late twenties, she disappeared from a pyramid in Guatemala and two weeks later had the most significant OBE of her life; experiencing her soul in its purest known form.

She has had paranormal and ET encounters. She discovered and developed psychic abilities, clairvoyance, healing and more throughout her life that became evident during real time events. She recalls everything from the events firsthand, never having been regressed or hypnotized. She currently assists with paranormal home disturbance cases via remote viewing and in person as well as astral healing contact.

She is doing her best to apply what she’s learned in a way that makes a difference. She has confirmed a deep personal connection with Anu while on ship in February of last year while in the Orion belt. Most recently, while being reunited with Draco and Reptilian allies, possible near future outcomes have been revealed to her.

Angela hopes sharing her stories and opening up about the messages she is receiving may provide answers or comfort to anyone out there who is discovering their own unique soul path.

The event is finished.



10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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