An Insiders Intel on Vaccinations within the Matrix

He was born to a man in the oil business!
Wayne’s software career includes many well known clients, some government and defense clients as well as healthcare and various retail and service industries.

He did field work in west Texas, and moved into the geophysical survey field (finding oil and other resources) which took us quite literally around the world. Overseas travel in the 60’s required updated vaccinations, and some countries required additional vaccines.

So, he had all of the available vaccines back in the day. He also had most of the diseases said vaccines were supposed to prevent. This includes mumps, measles and rubella..the so-called “German Measles”. As a result of his experience with rubella he have crossed eyes to the point that he has no natural depth perception.

He has an inside scoop on LOTS of things, including?

Evidence of VAXX Harm – BLOOD TYPES – Truth about MASKs, and Much more!

Tune in FRIDAY – 10PM EST – 11PM – OverTime is possible. 😉

The event is finished.



10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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