The LoveCatcher Story – by Ascended Dream Weaver

My soul Awoke when I channeled my energy into my Art.  A magical thing began to happen as I took the confusion of the world, with what was bottled up inside of me, and transformed it into something beautiful.  It gave me hope, peace, and filled my whole being with Love.  Everything became electric and bright again. 

At the deepest level, the creative and healing process arise from a single source; the yin and the yang the light and the dark. Our healing and growing never stops, regardless of the challenge.  Feel it, release it, forgive it, thank it, love it.  When you are an artist, you are a healer; art is the medicine.

Each LoveCatcher is handmade by me, taking between 5-17 hours per creation.  Lots of love and healing energy is poured into each and every one.  From my heart to yours.